Hazel James Receives Her Money from National Magazine Exchange

Here is a recent video of Hazel James of Hempstead, New York as she receives her check for $2.1 million for the “Strike It Rich VI” Grand Prize from National Magazine Exchange!  Watch her reaction and her excitement at being the next big winner from NME!


Newest National Magazine Exchange Winner Named

This has been a busy month for Hazel James of Hempstead, New York.  At the beginning of June, she was awarded $2.1 million for the “Strike It Rich VI” Grand Prize from National Magazine Exchange!  The 77 year old widow was thrilled to accept the prize and is seen here, trying out a Porsche!

“This is one of the biggest prize give-aways in our 26 year history and we are thrilled to have such a truly outstanding winner to be awarded with the check,” says Tom Ripley, President of National Magazine Exchange. “Hazel represents a lifetime of dedicated service to her family, her church, and her country. We are delighted to be instrumental in making such a deserving person our most recent multimillion-dollar winner.”

Just Magazines? So Much More From NME

The National Magazine Exchange is about way more than just a magazine subscription. The NME Sweepstakes is a random drawing of over 500,000 entrants where there is big money involved.  For example, just recently, Hazel James won a staggering $2.1m in the NME Sweepstake.  This 77 year old widow was definitely more than happily surprised on learning of this win.  Entrants need to get the information via the mail and then follow up.  To do this, they have to call the NME Sweepstakes Center’s toll-free number. So sometimes it does pay to scrutinize all the mail you get.  It certainly did for Hazel James, and her $2.1m win!  In addition, every sweepstake entrant is given the opportunity to order a magazine package at a huge discount, but one should be aware that there is no requirement of purchase to enter or win, and having a subscription has no impact on whether one wins or loses.

National Magazine Exchange Early Bird Sweepstakes Winner

Certainly, anyone near Cindy Helbling’s house probably heard her yell recently.  She just became the recipient of a $100,000 check from the National Magazine Exchange as part of their 2009 “Strike It Rich” VI Early Bird Sweepstakes. This is one of the two sweepstakes that they do, along with the “Strike It Rich” sweepstakes.  The Early Bird Sweepstakes are an added incentive that they’ve created to add more opportunity for people to win great prizes.

Certainly, Cindy Helbling is one happy person today.  As she said, “Winning has made such a difference in my life. I’m so glad I entered.” Cindy entered the “Strike It Rich” sweepstakes in February of 2008.  To enter this contest, there is no purchase necessary and making a purchase does not increase the chances that you will win.

The National Magazine Exchange is in its 14th year of offering this sweepstakes and they have awarded over $10,000,000 in prize money during that time.